Private Baby Scans in Yorkshire | Yorkshire Baby Scan

Terms and Conditions

1. Yorkshire Baby Scan will not accept booking forms unless they are fully completed.

2. When you have submitted the booking online or manually, you are liable for the relevant scan fee.

3. On receiving the form, we will consider this as a firm booking and these conditions will apply.

4. We do not allow any personal photography or video recording to be carried out in our clinic.

5. You must be an adult (18 years or older).

6. We aim to complete scans abdominally but if required, particularly in early pregnancy scans (6 weeks to 15 weeks), we may need to undertake an internal (transvaginal) scan. We will ensure dignity and a provide a trained chaperone. You can decline an internal scan however this may mean that we are unable to provide you with conclusive information.

7. You understand and accept that this service should not replace your antenatal services provided by the NHS. The detection rate of abnormalities may vary dependant on your gestation (number of weeks pregnant) at the time of the scan, therefore we strongly recommend that you access all antenatal services provided by the NHS.

8. We are not liable or responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to personal belongings whilst you are in our premises.

9. The turnaround time for a NIPT test is 10 working days. We expect approximately 0.68% of NIPT tests to fail in processing due to the low levels of foetal DNA collected. If this is the case, we will ask for a second sample at no extra charge. In this case a second blood test will be required. If a result is still not produced then the lab fee of £250 will be refunded.

10. The time of your scan appointment includes both the reception, reporting and cleaning time.

Notice of Cancellation

11. If you withdraw from a confirmed booking you must pay still pay the full scan fee.

12. ALL scans are non-refundable and valid for only the date booked.

13. A scan is NOT transferable from one patient to another potential patient.

14. The automatic email sent upon booking will serve as a receipt of payment.

15. We reserve the right to alter the prices from those published.

16. We reserve the right to run the scan at a different venue from the one specified, when necessary. If this is the case, we will tell you as soon as possible and provide you with information about accommodation, travel directions and so on.

17. We reserve the right to change the details of the scans without notice. Where circumstances force us to cancel a scan date, our liability will be limited to refunding any fees paid for that scan. We are not liable for any other loss incurred by you.

18. If you indicate on the booking form that you have any requirements due to a disability or any other reason, we will contact you before the scan date to discuss your requirements.

Privacy and Data Protection

19. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

20. We will only pass on your details to third parties if required to do so by law.

21. We will add your details to our database to process your booking and so that we can keep you up to date with relevant details of our services.

If you do not want to receive any further information from us by post, phone, or email, please contact us at

Terms and conditions are available in large print if required. Contact with your request.


  • The purpose of our business is to provide additional pregnancy scans. Our scans should not replace your routine NHS scans.
  • Ultrasound scanning is a screening tool, it cannot detect all abnormalities with certainty.
  • Sex identification cannot be 100% guaranteed. It is only the opinion of the sonographer and therefore should be taken as such.
  • When attending for 3/4D ultrasound it is important to note that the scan is baby led and therefore images will vary greatly depending on baby’s position. One re-scan is offered at the sonographer’s discretion.
  • In an early pregnancy ultrasound scan, sometimes the sonographer may not be able to see much in your womb and this can be due to various reasons. You may have your dates wrong and therefore the baby is too early to be seen in an ultrasound scan, it can be that your pregnancy has not developed as it should be or that the pregnancy may be outside of your womb (ectopic pregnancy). We will offer a rescan at a reduced rate at the sonographer’s discretion. It is important that you seek medical advice if you are symptomatic with bleeding or pain in early pregnancy.
  • Due to the nature of ultrasound, there are several factors which can affect the quality of your images. E.g. above average BMI, empty bladder, baby’s position.
  • A transvaginal scan may be offered in order to gather all information needed. Your sonographer will discuss this with you if it is needed.
  • We will always endeavour to do our best to obtain the images required on the day of your appointment. However, if this is not possible, we will offer one other appointment subject to availability, at no extra cost, and at the discretion of management to return for a rescan to achieve this.
  • If an abnormality is detected by the sonographer during a scan, they will explain their findings as fully as possible and may contact the local antenatal screening service (with consent) or write a report for you to give to a healthcare provider.
  • I understand that I am required to adhere to the COVID-19 guidance and that I attend at my own risk.

I consent to the ultrasound examination and I have read and understood the disclaimer.