Gender Only Scan

16-40 Weeks

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Upgrade to a USB package for an additional £20.00

Upgrade to 8 printed images of your baby for an additional £20.00

  • Confirm your pregnancy
  • A visual check of babies heart beat
  • Find out the gender of your baby
  • Receive a medical report of your
  • Receive 4 printed images of your baby to take away
  • Bring a partner, friend or family member with you to the scan

What will happen at my Gender and Wellbeing Scan?
At Yorkshire Baby Scan we perform gender scans from 16 weeks of pregnancy - much earlier than on the NHS where you can find out the gender of your baby at your 20-week scan.

There are limitations with the gender scan:

  • If the baby is not in a favourable position finding out their gender can be less successful
  • If you're a lady with a higher BMI it can be more difficult to scan to assess gender due to the limitations of ultrasound

How should I prepare for my Gender Only Scan?
Please arrive with a full bladder. This will help the sonographer be able to get a clear picture of your baby on the scan.

Please Note

If you know you are expecting twins or multiples, please book over the phone on 01904 413669 so that we can allocate more time for your appointment and make you aware of the extra cost involved.

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